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Surrealism: Piano Player

Blurb from Mouza Al Neyadi

This image is to express surrealism features by building a picture made of 3 pictures. I merged the characters and the object together in the picture to make it look realistic. The story behind this image lies where the little boy sitting on the key of piano. He is not notice by human and suddenly a finger comes from nowhere trying to press on the same key where He is sitting. The little boy expression is scared to be crush by the finger and try to protect him self by putting his hands up.

I have tried to use the concept of the Golden Ratio and elements that take the viewer attention from the lift side of the image to the finger and down to the little boy. The light and the refection of the finger and the boy legs it gives detail and more realistic. The piano picture was shot (low shot) from position as if you are miniature in size just like the boy. The repetition and contrast of the piano keys also attract and leads the viewer eyes