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Stories of Sand and Change

Stories of sand and change

The idea for this book was born out of our interest in the oral history of the United Arab Emirates. There are very few places in the world where tradition is combined with such a fast pace of change. We wanted to get our students of Intercultural Studies involved in the preservation of the indigenous culture of their own nation, a young nation with very old roots.

The stories in the book are more than accounts.  We asked the elderly Emirati’s to share with their grandchildren a memory of an event that changed or shaped their life. The stories, told in an honest and direct manner, evoke the atmosphere of times gone by. They speak of amusing and tragic moments, of hard work and  hope, of how life has changed in this desert nation.

The essence of each story is presented in an illustration created by HCT’s Applied Communications students (mentored by Kevin Trinh). They were asked to exercise their drawing skills and use their imagination to create a work of art  that would best  reflect the idea of  ‘sand and change’.

Editor : Dr. Ewa Gajer
Art Direction and Book Design: Kevin Trinh

This is a 50 page hard cover book printed on Matt paper – B3 format with fine detail of  gold gilt and selective embossing.