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OTHER WORLDLY by Hind Al Suwaidi

Hind Al Suwaidi is a graduate  from the Higher Colleges of Technology (201620).  Over the years I have seen her crawl out of her ‘shell’ experiment and find her own sense of style.  OTHER WORLDLY is her final year capstone project where she delves into surrealism using her photography and post editing skills in Photoshop to create her art and own world.

For my capstone final work, I combined my personal interests with something I love doing which is photography and surrealism from my imagination.

Some of my personality and style can be clearly seen and demonstrated in my very first project exhibition. My first artwork and installation project is called ‘OTHER WORLDLY’. It consists of 5 images each framed at 150cm(W) × 106cm(H).

Each piece has a intricate hidden detail of surrealism. These surreal pictures were formed using a combination of photograph and pictures that I took, and some were sourced into a digital collage forming a bizarre, strange new world, ‘OTHER WORLDLY’.

During this time, I learnt and perfected my Photoshop skills where I now see a picture for what it is and what it can be.

In the future, I’m going to continue making  peculiar art because it is what I love doing. Another reason for wanting to keep making these style of artwork is to create curiosity and make people wonder and create their own stories out of my work. It is the reactions I get from watching people visually read my work where I find it fascination and joy. It makes me see new possibilities for this project to expand.”