Al Anood Ahmed and Dana Al Marzouqi entry for  The Christo & Jeanne-Claude Awards 2015 came runners up against top art & design students in the UAE.  This was an excellant achievement and a great concept behind the ‘tree of knowledge’.

This will be an abstract designed tree (tree of knowledge… where the pages of the books are made from),

Their summary:

On the end of each branch will house the latest ipad symbolizing the growth of new leaves, new life…. new technology, evolution and some branches will have a book attached to them symbolizing the forever existence of books (knowledge through reading).

With this abstract design they illustrated how technology is dissolving the individual methodology. Looking at childrens learning processes, the ability to listen and retain information is a major advantage a basic skill rated highly in a survival situation. Thanks to technology we are degrading faster and faster. We are encouraging the children to stay indoors with no fresh air or exercise because they can’t take the ipad outdoors (the glare and brightness of the screen is inadequate). After we are gone, society will come to a point where technology will be obsolete and return us to a NEW Stone Age. If you leave a individual out in the wild with no physical communication or experience, we might as well admit that we are doomed.